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Year One Experience Weeks

During Year One, Experience Weeks occur twice, between Mini’s 1 and 2 in the fall, and then again between Mini’s 3 and 4 in the spring.

Fall Experience Week

Year One, Fall Experience Week is devoted to your personalized Manager Ready℠ Leadership Assessment with the Tepper School Accelerate Leadership Center and Development Dimensions International as well as treks to leading corporations where you can learn first hand about companies and prepare for the job search process.

Career Exploration Treks

During the fall semester experience week, the COC collaborates with graduate student clubs to arrange career exploration treks to other cities to visit companies, learn about the culture and gain a better understanding of various job responsibilities within the organization. These corporate visits also include company discussion panels and networking opportunities for students and can be the beginning point for recruiting opportunities into the organization.

The Manager Ready℠ Assessment

The Manager Ready Assessment evaluates leadership proficiency through real-time scenarios in nine key areas. Developed for the Tepper School of Business and assessed by renowned firm Development Dimensions International, students undergo a rigorous evaluation in:

  • Interaction Essentials: Managing Relationships, Guiding Interactions
  • Leading Others: Coaching for success, Coaching for improvement, Influencing, Delegation & Empowerment
  • Making Decisions & Planning: Problem/Opportunity Analysis, Judgment, Planning & organizing

Spring Experience Week

Year One Spring Experience Week features the Leadership Skills Immersion Workshop, an intensive group activity coordinated and led by the Carnegie Bosch Institute for Applied Studies in International Management (CBI). The Tepper School is pleased to have CBI as our in-house partner for more than two decades. CBI's celebrated workshops, attended by top corporate executives from around the globe, have been adapted expressly for the Accelerate Leadership Program.

  • Components include: experiential learning assignments that enable cooperative planning, review, reflection, feedback, and improved processes.
  • The workshop also emphasizes leadership in a global context by raising intercultural awareness.

The Tepper School curriculum is aligned with the changing needs of MBA students working in today’s global and dynamic business environments.

Our mini-semesters are sequenced to accommodate four concentrated weeks (two per academic year) of professional development and career planning/search.


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