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Year Two Experience Weeks

Fall Experience Week

The Fall Semester Second Year Experience Week is devoted to job exploration and career planning, now for post-MBA full-time jobs. The Career Opportunities Center (COC) will be your partner in planning and conducting networking and recruiting trips and the Accelerate team will continue to help strengthen your leadership and communication skills as you prepare for interviews.

Second year MBAs have the option to attend many of the same career exploration treks as first year students. These treks provide additional networking opportunities for those who are still narrowing their career focus following their summer internships.

Spring Experience Week

The Spring Semester Second Year Year Experience Week is designed as an extension of the second year Capstone experience. This Capstone provides you the opportunity to more fully integrate and apply the knowledge you’ve acquired through the rest of the new curriculum and your time at Tepper.

Providing an additional full and focused week for your chosen Capstone activity allows you to most fully explore the benefits of an applied activity personalized to your development and career goals.

The second year experience weeks offer time for job exploration and career planning.

This is your opportunity to fully integrate and apply the knowledge you've acquired through your time at Tepper by exploring the benefits of applied activity tailored to your career goals.

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