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Proud To Be Military-Friendly

military friendly schools story image.jpgMilitary-friendly – a designation the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University is proud to have earned and an intrinsic school philosophy.

GI Jobs, a veteran-owned business, grants the distinction to the top 15% of universities and colleges nationwide for their efforts to attract, retain and fulfill the educational needs of America’s military personnel and veterans. The rankings are based on factors including financial commitment, certifications, programs, policies and solid results.

“The Tepper School is very military-friendly – absolutely,” stressed Aaron Attermann (MBA’12), an army veteran. “When I began my application process, I started with the list of military friendly schools on top.”

“Learning that the Tepper School was military-friendly definitely put the program on my radar,” added Erik Thompson (MBA’13), who served in the air force.

The two men had gathered with more than two dozen other Tepper School students and alumni at an event recently held by the school’s Military Veterans Association (MVA). The organization works to help candidates from all armed forces in areas including the application process, providing a social support community, and making a successful transition into the business world.

The association’s recent gathering featured speaker David Ciesinski (MSIA’96), group vice president and chief marketing officer for Heinz U.S. Consumer Products and a West Point graduate.

Ciesinski related lessons learned through his service and career, focusing on the leadership skills he’d gained while in the military.

“No matter what branch you served with in the military, leadership is a hallmark of the experience,” he said. Ciesinski’s points ranged from ‘when in charge, take charge’ to ‘maintain organizational momentum’ to ‘build an organization that’s scalable.’

“Such leadership and other skills enable those with military backgrounds to flourish at the Tepper School,” said Annie Dolan, assistant director of admissions. Our veterans are team-oriented, can work under pressure, have leadership experience often years beyond their peers, and thrive in collaborative and supportive environments. They're ready for a challenge and aren't intimidated by hard work. They bring a great deal of experience to the classroom and share that with their classmates.”

The veterans agree.

“Graduate school can be a very high stress environment,” said Hunter. “Being in a military environment teaches you to process that, prioritize your activities and better manage your time.”

My military experience helped with time management,” agreed Thompson. “I’m much more efficient. Learning to work in stressful environments and leadership with the troops also helped me in the business world and now with group work.”

“Experience in the military translates well to corporate life,” added Paul Kress (MBA’03), a navy veteran who is currently with EQT. “Also, it’s viewed very positively. Employers are actively seeking people with military backgrounds.”

And the Tepper School is actively seeking such candidates.

“We are eager to recruit candidates with military experience,” said Dolan. “Not only are our veterans great community members, but they have a proven track record of how well they do in the program and as alumni.”

“Really, one of the biggest reasons I came to Tepper was because of the MVA,” said Jertez Hunter (MBA’13), an army veteran. “I visited for a weekend and the veterans snatched me up and showed me around. It was a very comforting experience. There’s a common understanding with others who have served.”

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