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General Management

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General Management is a self-defined Track consisting of six courses. It is appropriate for students who wish to combine two or more areas; to design a concentration that is not covered by a formally defined Track; or to concentrate in international management (in which case the Track courses can be chosen to coordinate with study abroad). Students selecting this Track should discuss their study plan with the Track advisor by the middle of the junior year.

Track Advisor

Dr. Milton L. Cofield
Executive Director, B.S. in Business Administration Program
Teaching Professor of Management
139 Tepper

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
      Professor Nazli Turan
Turan, Nazli"Weekly negotiation 
exercises will expose
students to relevant
concepts, skills and
a wide range of
negotiations that will
prepare them for future
business situations."

Social, Economic and Information Network
(70-449 Course Introduction PDF)
      Professor R. Ravi
Ravi, R"Networks can predict
election results, help
control epidemics, and
aid viral marketing.
increased connectivity
from new technology is
transforming the social,
trade and information
fabric of society.

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