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Academic Information

Our academic requirements are broken into seven components. Students must complete 364 units to graduate, courses are normally 9 units.

Business Core  -  102 Units
The essential elements on which the practice of leadership for all business is based are found in the Business Core courses.

Breadth Requirements  -  81 Units
Business, global business in particular, requires broad knowledge of people and culture that is at the basis of all human understanding.

Tracks  -  54 Units
While the practice of business is general, in-depth knowledge creates strengths for accessing careers and further study.

Mathematics, Statistics, and Computing  -  59 Units
The use of quantitative information in management decision making is the hallmark of Carnegie Mellon business education.

Economics  -  27 Units
Quantitative and theoretical knowledge about resource allocation creates the foundation for understanding business policy and practice.

General (Free) Electives  -  32 Units
The unique feature of our undergraduate business curriculum is found in electives that give you the ability to explore, to grow, and to become. Students must take 3 to 4 courses of their choice to meet the 364 unit graduation requirement.

Professional Service Project  -  9 Units
Professional and social networks can be cultivated through service in professional or community organizations.

Undergraduate Business Tracks

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