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Degree Requirements

The Tepper School's Doctoral Programs are flexible, allowing students to redefine their educational goals as their interests grow and change. The design of each Ph.D. program is based on a full-time commitment, including summers, and on the completion of the activities listed below.


  • The Tepper School's Ph.D. curriculum is organized around the core disciplines of Economics, Operations Research and Organization Behavior and Theory, with each of the functional areas of Accounting, Finance, Information Systems, Marketing and Operations Management & Manufacturing being associated with one or more of the core disciplines. (For detailed information about the core requirements for a specific area, please see that area's section of this web site.) Students in the Ph.D. program also take courses in their own area of specialization (i.e. the area in which the student is admitted).
  • In addition to the courses required in the core disciplines and areas of specialization, students in the Ph.D. program are required to complete coursework in a minor area defined by the faculty in the student's area of specialization.
  • All students must complete first-summer and second-summer research papers.
  • All students must take qualifying exams in the core, and specialization components of their specific areas of study. (Qualifying exams in the minor area are not required.) Students with appropriate preparation prior to their entry to the program may take the qualifying exams prior to the 3rd semester point if they choose, but they must take all of the qualifiers required for their field of study at that point. For further information, visit the Qualifying Examinations page.
  • A major performance review takes place after the end of the third semester. Course performance, first-summer research paper performance, and the qualifying exams are reviewed in this meeting. Some areas also review student progress upon completion of the first year of study.
  • Upon satisfactory completion of the performance review at the end of the third semester, students complete their coursework and second-summer research papers. Progress on this work is reviewed after the student's fifth semester of study.
  • Following the fifth semester performance review, students present a dissertation proposal, first informally to one or more faculty members and then more formally in a seminar. On the basis of this seminar, the general faculty offers informal advice on the feasibility of the proposal.

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