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Other Events

Industry Night

Industry Night is a cocktail hour where Tepper students and local leaders from a chosen industry or tech topic have an opportunity to network and share ideas in a casual setting. Invited industry leaders provide lightning round presentations to introduce themselves and to highlight current business challenges and the technology on which they are working. Past industry nights have featured the energy sector and robotics.

Functional Bootcamps

This coming year, we are planning to host a B&T bootcamp for anyone interested in technology specific role or tech-industry positions where we will speak of the opportunities, challenges as well as the resources needed to attain that dream job. From Product Marketing and Product Management in a tech-firm to IT Management and IT Consulting, we will present a diverse panel to talk about their experiences and answer any questions you may have.

Social Events

The B&T club meets together socially, to help students take healthy breaks from their regular studies to enjoy game nights with board games, video games, or any other type of social event.

Training Events

The B&T Club Board focuses on keeping itself apprised of new or existing technologies and their business applications. Our goal is to disseminate this information to the club body and be edified together. Individuals with expertise in an existing technology are provided a channel to instruct other club members. New technologies are learned and shared with the club through Lunch & Learn sessions, special topic presentations (SQL Training), and cross-campus presentations (from the School of Computer Science, the Robotics Institute, the Entertainment Technology Center, the Institute for Software Research, and the Human-Computer Interactions Institute).

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