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Speaker Series

The B&T Club's Speaker Series focuses on bringing in IT executive speakers to campus. These speaker series help students understand how today’s technology is impacting their day-to-day functions, while providing an excellent opportunity for companies to showcase their potential opportunities.

In addition, the B&T Club provides opportunities for guest speakers to host roundtable events where a small group of students can interact with them in a more personal setting. This is a great way for executives to get to know our students in more detail, as well as for students to ask more in depth questions.

Past Guests Include:

  • Mike Volpe, VP of Inbound Marketing at HubSpot
  • Ragna Bell, Global Lead, IBM CEO Study
  • Francisco D'Souza, President and CEO of Cognizant
  • Andy Forssell, Senior Vice President, Hulu
  • J. Edward Coleman, CEO & Chairman of Unisys Corporation
  • Allan Thygesen, VP of Global SMB Revenue, Google

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