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Boot Camp 1

Mini 1

The first Consulting Club Boot Camp prepares both first-year and second-year students with an overview of the consulting lifestyle, the various firms, and the type of work. This event is intended to demystify consulting and help students decide whether a career or internship in consulting is appropriate for them. The event also includes an overview of the programs and services offered by the Tepper Consulting Club (TCC) throughout the year that will help students get prepared for recruiting and their subsequent job.

Resume Review

Mini 1

The TCC provides second-year mentors to review the format and content of first-years’ resumes in order to prepare students for the networking and internship recruiting season.

Mock Networking Night

Mini 1

The TCC assembles second-years in an informal networking environment in order to give first-years practice working half-circles, answering “why”, and asking fantastic questions.

Networking Essentials with Bain & Co

Mini 1

The TCC typically hosts an alumni from Bain & Co travel at Tepper to provide students guidance on networking etiquette as well as answering “why”, holding memorable conversations, and structuring their thought process.

Internal Consulting Panel

Mini 1

The TCC brings together second-years who interned or interviewed with internal consulting roles in order to answer questions about the responsibilities, interview process, and life style.

Case Competition 101

Mini 1

This event provides a brief overview of assembling a case competition team, structuring the problem, assembling a PowerPoint deck, and producing an effective presentation. The TCC assembles seasoned case-competition veterans (second-years) to provide tips and answer key questions before the kick-off of the case competition season!

Case Competitions (McKinsey, AT Kearney, and Deloitte)

Mini 1 & 2

The TCC collaborates with consulting firms such as McKinsey & Co, A.T. Kearney, and Deloitte Consulting to put together local case competitions in a variety of formats. Formats have teams of four or five first-years participating in an overnight, multi-day, or multi-week competition to crack a difficult business problem, develop a PowerPoint, and put together a winning presentation. These events provide students an excellent opportunity to network and show case their skills prior to the internship recruiting season.

TCC Trek

Mini 2

The TCC hits the road to visit consulting firms in one or two cities around the country. The Trek has traditionally been held in Boston with additional stops in New York last year. Approximately 60 students visited the offices of Bain & Co, Liberty Mutual, PricewaterhouseCoopers, LEK Consulting, Ernst & Young, Deloitte Consulting, IBM, Cognizant, and Alcoa last year. The Trek also offered students the opportunity to network with consultants at several after-hours events. The locations and companies are subject to change from year-to-year.

Boot Camp 2

Mini 2

This sequel to Boot Camp 1 helps students prepare for the cases they will encounter in office hours, consulting interviews, marketing interviews, finance interviews, etc. The TCC works to bring in alumni to work with small groups of students as they attempt to develop structures and crack cases. The event also includes pointers that help students bring that je ne sais quoi to their interviews.

Soft Skills for Consulting Interviews

Mini 2

The TCC brings in Tepper alumni to discuss the keys to answering behavioral questions, asking effective interview questions, and projecting a confident and personable style in order to prepare first-years for office hours and internship interviews.

Crack the Case

Mini 2

The TCC brings in a case expert for a full-day seminar on developing structures, asking appropriate questions, and cracking the case. The tips and materials are essential for any student going through recruiting interviews that will involve cases of any type!

Advanced Excel Modeling

Mini 3

The TCC brings in an alumni for a half-day seminar on excel. The workshop includes using advanced functions, building business models, and becoming acquainted with excel basics in order to prepare students for their summer internships or full-time jobs. This workshop is appropriate for users of all levels.

Interview Prep

Mini 1, 2, & 3

The TCC hosts firm-specific interview prep sessions to help students prepare for internship and full-time recruiting. These events cover both the case and behavioral aspects of each interview.

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