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Ongoing Projects

Pro Bono Consulting

Working in partnership with the Consulting Club, teams of students are working with 10 local organizations in the Pittsburgh area to address specific issues. Projects include business & strategic planning, procurement & operations analysis and marketing planning. Students are working with nonprofit organizations ranging from charter schools to low income senior citizen apartments to social enterprises.

Curriculum Enhancement

Students are continually looking for new ways to incorporate social responsibility and environmental feasibility themes into current classes and exploring topics for new classes. In addition, students are exploring how the UN’s Principles for Responsible Management Education can be incorporated into the curriculum. This year Net Impact members worked closely with faculty and administrators to create the Ethics and Social Responsibility concentration. Courses under this concentration focus on topics related to sustainability, ethics, social responsibility, and accountability in business.

Campus Greening at Tepper

The Tepper School of Business follows the rest of Carnegie Mellon University’s lead in environmental stewardship. Students are always looking for ways to reduce waste and increase recycling. Most recently, Net Impact asked Tepper Computing Services to set default printing to double-sided sheets, reducing paper waste. Additionally, we have been working to make events held on campus more eco-friendly by creating guidelines for and supporting Net Zero Waste events.

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