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Rules, Awards & Prizes

Registration deadline for ICC is Oct 6th, 2013. There is a $100 registration fee per team.

Competition Rules

  • Team size: 5 member team (MBA students only)
  • Each team should have at least 2 second year students and at least 2 first year students
  • Total of 12 teams from 12 schools will participate
  • After 1st round presentation, top four teams would be shortlisted for final presentation
  • Registration fee is non-refundable
  • Round 1 presentations: 20 minutes  (15 minute slide deck presentation + 5 minute Q&A)
  • Round 2 presentations:  30 minutes (20-25 min presentation + 5-10 min Q&A)
  • No help from professors or others outside the teams
  • Dress Code: Friday- casual;  Saturday- business formal

Awards and Prizes

Top teams qualify for the following cash prizes.

1st Place: $5000 per team
2nd Place: $3000 per team

Most Innovative Solution/Recommendation: $2500 per team

Special Award: $2500 per team

Note: If you have questions or concerns email to us at, please mention ‘ICC 2013’ in subject line.

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