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47-760  Seminar in Operations Management

47-761  Seminar in Manufacturing Management I

47-762  Seminar in Manufacturing Management II

47-763  POM Seminar in Revenue Management

47-764  POM Seminar in Simulation Design and Analysis

47-768  POM Seminar:  Global Supply Chain Design

47-774  Advanced Stochastic Analysis and Applications I

47-775  Advanced Stochastic Analysis and Applications II

Related Courses:

47-817  Game Theory and Applications

47-800  Microeconomics I

47-801  Microeconomics II

47-811  Econometrics I

47-812  Econometrics II

47-830  Integer Programming

47-834  Linear Programming

47-835  Graph Theory

47-836  Networks and Matchings

47-840 Dynamic Programming

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