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Faculty and Research Interests:

  • Mustafa Akan - Revenue management, manufacturing and service operations management, health care management, dynamic mechanism design, economics of organization, microeconomic theory, and industrial organization.
  • Bahar Biller - Computer simulation of stochastic systems, stochastic processes, statistics, especially time series modeling.
  • Soo-Haeng Cho - Healthcare operations, retail supply chains, technology management, and new product development.
  • Sunder Kekre - Electronic Data Interchange; New Product Development; Managing Variety
  • Alan Scheller-Wolf Stochastic processes and queueing theory, especially with multiple servers; inventory theory, especially with alternate supply modes or perishable items; spare parts and assemble to order systems; supply chain management; stochastic dynamic programming; sustainable operations; health care operations.
  • Nicola Secomandi - Commodity and Energy Merchant Operations, Real Options and Financial Engineering in Commodity and Energy Industries, Operations-Finance Interface, Revenue Management, Supply Chain Management, Logistics.
  • Sridhar Tayur - Supply Chain Management; Just-In-Time; Stochastic Models
  • Ilker Baybars Production/Operations Management and Operations Research.

Faculty in Related Areas:

  • David Bourne Rapid Manufacturing; Design for Manufacturing
  • Norman Sadeh CIM; Knowledge-based Planning; Agile Manufacturing
  • Stephen Smith Intelligent Systems; Planning and Scheduling; Reconfigurable Systems
  • Katia Sycara AI in Manufacturing
  • Egon Balas Integer Programming; Scheduling
  • Gerard Cornuéjols Integer Programming; Location
  • Mor Harchol-Balter  Performance analysis and design of computer systems, particularly distributed systems
  • John Hooker Integer Programming; Logic; Artificial Intelligence
  • Javier Pena Numerical Analysis; Interior-Point Methods for Optimization
  • R. Ravi Approximation Algorithms
  • Michael Trick Computational Integer Programming; Scheduling
  • Bruce Krogh Discrete Event Systems
  • Ignacio Grossman OR in Chemical Engineering
  • Chris Hendrickson Green Design
  • Linda Argote Learning in Organizations
  • Robert Miller Demand Flow Management; Econometrics
  • Tridas Mukhopadhyay Manufacturing - Information Systems Interface
  • Kannan Srinivasan Marketing - Manufacturing Interface; New Product Development


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