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Our business partners come from a wide range of global industries including consumer goods companies, industrial goods manufacturers, high-tech companies, retailers, government contractors and more.

Recent and current customized executive education programs include: 

Global Value Chain as Competitive Advantage
For a global technology organization, a highly successful program was designed and implemented to reinforce and build upon strategic and operational knowledge on value chain driven business models. Content included Strategy and Innovation, Global Value Chain Management and Leading Performance and Change, as well learning application modules on Business Models, Extended Enterprise Opportunities, and Customer-centric Organizations.   In addition to classroom-based learning, participants worked in teams on business area projects designed to generate value chain opportunities and operationalize new thinking.

Financial Management and Decision Making in Turbulent Capital Markets
How can managers create value and grow a business while managing through strains on capital created by the turbulent capital market? This customized program features a series of interactive lecture/discussions about global business conditions, a comparative analysis of the client’s financial statements, a case study and a simulation in which senior managers and operating company presidents are challenged to manage a portfolio of businesses in different stages to create value.

Emergent Technologies: Strategic Implications of Next Generation IT
This program, sponsored by a global consulting firm, convened leading faculty and researchers from across Carnegie Mellon University. A variety of emerging and near horizon technologies were discussed including Cloud Computing, SaaS, Mobile Computing, Social Networking/Collaboration, and Machine Learning. Panel discussions were used throughout the program to promote dialogue and discussion of the strategic implications of technologies and the processes that firms use to make technology decisions.

Leadership Acceleration Program
This comprehensive program for senior managers is a fully integrated component of the client’s on-going leadership development initiative. Comprised of a variety of business acumen and leadership topics supported by a custom simulation, the program continues to evolve to reflect the client’s changing business opportunities and challenges.

Insights for Maximizing Team Performance
A three-day immersion program in which managers learn how to leverage informal networks within the company, how to manage conflict and how to foster innovation. Participants address techniques to improve collaboration, enhance the value of their teams’ solutions, and accelerate knowledge transfer.

Strategic Leadership Program
Developed for senior leadership managers that must balance both short-term results and initiating long-term growth, this program presents deep insights into key strategic decisions for evaluating new growth businesses and projects. Participant teams define real business opportunities and work to develop projects throughout the program.

Advanced Software/IT Seminar
This annual program is designed for senior developers and IT project managers from across leading Japanese corporations. Each year the program presents the latest developments in software development and key information technology evolutions. Topics have included SaS/Cloud Computing, Agile Processes, Pervasive/Mobile Computing, and Web 2.0 Platforms among many others.

Financial and Strategic Cost Management
Delivered in a variety of locations for senior managers of a large international consumer products firm, the program presented advanced financial decision making sessions as well as strategic frameworks for managing cost. Senior managers worked with current financial statements and data from their regional operation as well as a simulation to embed the program’s desired learning objectives across the global organization. In addition to several locations in the United States, the program was held in England, New Zealand, Singapore, India, and Italy.

International Host, Eastern European Business School MBA Program Component

Each year Tepper Executive Education hosts the international component of a leading Eastern European business school’s MBA program. The program presents structured learning opportunities that focus on finance and integrated business performance, as well as utilizing the Tepper’s Management Game as an experiential learning tool. Visits and meetings with a variety of US based companies complement the classroom based components of the program.

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