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The following is a partial list of student clubs available to graduate and undergraduate entrepreneurship students and other students interested in entrepreneurship. These clubs host events, speakers, competitions and gatherings that expose the Carnegie Mellon entrepreneurship community to local, national and international entrepreneurs, industry experts, venture capitalists and business leaders.

Graduate Student Clubs

SCS Entrepreneurship Club

The SCS Entrepreneurship Club is a Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science (SCS) graduate student club that brings technology entrepreneurs and SCS graduate students together.

Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club

The Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club is a student-run organization dedicated to building an environment at Carnegie Mellon University that creates and cultivates new business ventures.

Biopharma Business Club

The Biopharma Business Club promotes involvement and leadership in biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical-device companies.

Business and Technology Club

The Business and Technology Club is focused on exposing members to career opportunities available in technology.

Energy Club

The Energy Club is a student-run professional organization dedicated to developing and broadening the Tepper community's interest in the energy industry.

Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Student Clubs

Enactus (Formerly Students in Free Enterprise / SIFE)

Enactus stands for Entrepreneurs in Action for the greater good. This organization focuses on empowering local and international communities by applying business knowledge and strategies.

Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Association

The Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Association (UEA) is dedicated to promoting the entrepreneurial spirit at Carnegie Mellon through competitions, business development and networking with community entrepreneurs.


ScottyLabs is a student-run group on Carnegie Mellon’s Pittsburgh campus. We strive to use our technical expertise to promote innovation in practical ways. For example, we are developing APIs for educational data at Carnegie Mellon, so that students can easily build applications using that data.

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