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Recent Military Alumni Perspectives

Jeremy Harbaugh
Class of 2013, Full-Time MBA program
United States Marine Corps, 2nd Lieutenant (Active Duty)
Undergrad: U.S. Naval Academy

Colin Raymond
Class of 2009, Full-Time MBA program
United States Army, Captain (veteran)
Undergrad: United States Military Academy
MBA Internship: Consulting, A.T. Kearney  
Current Position: Director, Mergers and Acquisitions at Liberty Mutual Insurance Company in Boston, MA           

I feel that the school's environment is very conducive to learning. While interviewing I found that Tepper really seemed to care about me and my goals and since I have been here I have found that my classmates and my professors have bent over backwards to help me out. The school also has the reputation to help me enter any field that I choose and has been a great asset in the internship and job search.

LT Brian Patterson
Class of 2009, Flex-Time MBA program
United States Navy, Lieutenant
Undergrad: United States Merchant Marine Academy
Current Position: Senior Manager for Project Management with Martek Biosciences in Columbia, MD

I am a Lieutenant in the United States Navy, and my background is as a Submarine Warfare Officer. I graduated from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in 2002 with a B.S. in Marine Systems Engineering. I completed the MBA program in December 2009, and I am currently a Senior Manager for Project Management  with Martek Biosciences in Columbia, MD. Tepper was a great fit for me because of its highly regarded and challenging curriculum. Its reputation in the business world has allowed for a very smooth transition from the military service to the civilian sector. While the military gave me the leadership and management skills companies highly desire today, the Tepper MBA program armed me with the background and knowledge to hold a variety of job positions at a number of companies that I would never have been able to achieve without the degree. 

Joe Thompson
Class of 2009, Flex-Time MBA program
United States Navy, Lieutenant
Undergrad: United States Naval Academy

I was assigned to CMU NROTC by the Navy, and decided to pursue an MBA at the Tepper School because of the opportunities afforded to Tepper Alumni based on a rigorous and diverse academic schedule. My MBA concentrations are finance, quantitative analysis, and marketing.

My Leave of Absence was handled flawlessly. I was given a 10 day heads up by the Navy that I would be deploying to Afghanistan. Student Services and my professors allowed me to take exams early and assisted me throughout the Leave of Absence (LOA) process. Upon return, I was removed from LOA and resumed classes without issue. It was by far the easiest aspect of my unexpected deployment.

Todd Schultz
Class of 2011, Full-Time MBA Program
United States Army, Major (Active Duty)
Undergrad: United States Military Academy

The Tepper School of Business was my first choice of all the programs I researched. Most importantly, the program has a quantitative focus and you leave with a tangible set of skills upon graduation. This is a great complement to the “soft” skills that you primarily use as a military leader. Having said that, the curriculum does a great job of integrating the quantitative skills you acquire into a practical approach to analytical decision making; a critical skill set of any leader.

Jim Brown
Class of 2011, Full-Time MBA program
United States Army, Master Sergeant (Retired)
Undergrad: University of Maryland University College

My goal is to translate my extensive international military leadership and team experiences to globally-valid business excellence. I chose the Tepper School of Business for its strengths - a world-class MBA program and a superb award-winning team culture. At the Tepper School, we concentrate on advanced quantitative analysis, early in the program. This focus is unique among top MBA programs and gives us an enduring lead in securing quality internships and outstanding lifetime career opportunities, all the way up to the C-levels of Fortune 100 Companies. Besides the academics, the best attributes of the Tepper School are found in its people. Like the military, Tepper is populated with super achievers, and also like the military, the diverse, proactive, mutually supportive team environment is second to none. The immediate depth and quality of relationships, given unconditionally by the approachable faculty and staff, and especially from my fellow students, closely resonates with the bonds I cherished most in the military. Although sad to leave the Army, I have found a perfect fit at the Tepper School. I invite you to contact me any time for more perspective on the military experience here. Better yet, come visit!

Jordan Sembower
Class of 2011, Full-Time MBA Program
United States Army, Captain (veteran)
Undergrad: United States Military Academy

When choosing a business school, I evaluated quality, size of class, and reputation. The Tepper School exceeded all of my expectations. Any concerns I had were addressed quickly by the admissions staff and students, specifically the military veterans in the program. In the end, Tepper was a perfect fit for my desires: a top business school, small class size, and an amazing educational foundation for future endeavors. The education I receive at the Tepper School will build on my military successes and provide me the tools to become a business leader.

Peter Braendeholm
Class of 2011, Full-Time MBA Program
United States Navy, Lieutenant Commander (Active Duty)
Undergrad: United States Naval Academy

The Tepper School of Business is widely recognized as the pioneer in the study of Management Science (analytical decision making). I wanted to advance my analytical skills, and appreciated Tepper's unique and innovative qualities. As a Supply Corps Officer, I truly valued Tepper's standing as one of the best business schools for Operations, Supply Chain/Logistics, and IT. I also appreciate the small class size and the team work experience. During the application process, I found the admissions staff very helpful and organized. In the end, the Tepper School's education will advance my analytical skills and build upon my military leadership experience.

Tom Woodard
Class of 2012, Full-Time MBA program
United States Army, Captain (Veteran)
Undergrad: University of Missouri-Rolla
Current Position: Vendor Manager, Business Manager rotational program at

I think the thing that drew me most to the Tepper School was the very supportive group of students and faculty. I don't think it matters who you are, the transition from the military to civilian life is difficult and the community at the Tepper School really makes that process easier. As an Infantry Officer, I had a wide range of leadership experiences and for me, an MBA was a great way to draw upon my military leadership experience and put those skills into a business context. Obviously the reputation and the world-class education played an important part when looking at the Tepper School, but the culture where my personality fit best is what made up my mind. I would be happy to answer any questions anyone might have about the Tepper School of Business and hopefully give you a little perspective on the school and the community that we are a part of.

Aaron Attermann
Class of 2012, Full-Time MBA Program
United States Army, Captain (Retired)
Undergrad: United States Military Academy

I chose the Tepper School of Business because it was the perfect fit for me leaving the Army. The curriculum compliments all the leadership skills I learned as an Army officer with the science of business. I know that when I graduate from the Tepper School, I will be prepared for all challenges the business world has to offer. The Tepper School offers a world class education from faculty who are excited to enter the classroom every day and share their cutting edge research and life’s work. As well, the military community at Tepper is amazing. It is a phenomenal thing to have classmates who have “been there, and done that” and view the world through similar eyes as you share this transition experience. I hope you will seriously consider the Tepper School, our world class education, and our amazing military community.

Dan Todd
Class of 2012, Full-Time MBA Program
United States Army, Captain (Veteran)
Undergrad: United States Military Academy at West Point

The Tepper School was an easy choice for me for a number of reasons. From the first time I interacted with the school, I had the whole Tepper military community practically tripping over each other to help, which really spoke to me. I also appreciated the quantitative reputation of the school and the breadth of topics that each student is exposed to over the course of 8 mini-semesters. It was comforting to know that many students and faculty here had experiences similar to mine, but ultimately I learned the most from interactions across the very diverse and broad range of individuals here at the Tepper School. I can honestly say that the school made the transition from military life, to student, to future civilian employee a simple and rewarding journey.

Matthew Maletestinic
Class of 2012, Flex Time MBA Program
United States Army, Captain (Promotable) (Reserve Duty)
Undergrad: Carnegie Mellon University

I chose the Tepper School to further my education due to its excellence in operations management, innovative curriculum, and flexible program that would allow me to continue with my practical work experience at an area Fortune 500 firm and reserve military service. I’m completing an in-depth concentration in Supply Chain/Product Operations Management and using what I learn in the evening the very next day at work as a supply chain manager. The military community at the Tepper School is strong and deep. It was supportive as I took a leave of absence to serve another tour of duty in Iraq and welcoming when I returned. I’ve enjoyed working with fellow officers who have served in combat and in leadership roles in our military. All of what we’ve experienced translates well into corporate and organizational leadership.


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