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Recent Recruiting Trends

 The combination of our corporate partnerships paired with our graduates’ reputation for solid skills and immediate impact continues to position the Tepper School well into the future. The 2012-2013 season brought strong numbers for the Tepper School:

  • We have seen continued increases in both the number of job offers and the starting salaries of our students.
  • We continue to see an increased interest in recruiting in the consulting, technology and biopharma sectors, and have also seen increased opportunities and student interest in Leadership Development / Rotational programs across multiple industries.
  • The geographical footprint for Tepper School graduates continues to broaden, most notably with continued increases on the West Coast.

The COC - Your Career Partner

The Career Opportunities Center (COC) will be your partner for career planning, readiness, internship and full-time employment. Our COC is often ranked as a “recruiter favorite.” Their reputation for rigorous support, in-depth knowledge and the COC career counselors – former industry executives who have had successful careers working in industries our students are exploring – help you create a career plan that encompasses your experience, knowledge, skills and aspirations.

  • One-on-One Career Counseling
  • Life-long Career Services
  • Recruiter Presentations
  • Resume Development
  • Interview Preparation
  • Career Panels
  • CEO-Student Roundtables
  • Alumni Networking and Outreach
  • Career Fairs
  • Career Treks
  • Career Planning Workshops



Recruiters have confidence in our students' abilities - This is one reason our students achieved 100% summer internships and BusinessWeek ranked Tepper School Career Services #3 this year.

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Hear JP Balfour, MBA Candidate '13, describe why he chose the Tepper School, some highlights of his internship, and the support he has found from the Tepper School community.

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