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Four Tepper Students Travel to Qatar For Doha Case Competition

Doha Team 2013

A lot can happen over spring break. This year, four CMU seniors majoring in Business Administration, Nakul Manaktala, Alexis Georgiadis, Yijia Zhou, and Jeffrey Papai spent their spring break in Doha, Qatar to participate in the Doha Case Competition. The four CMU Pittsburgh students were split up into different teams with CMU Qatar students and were asked to determine how the newly opened IKEA store in Doha could tailor its strategies to better fit Qatari culture. Each of the top three placing teams included one of the CMU Pittsburgh students.

The students were able to learn about the Qatari culture and incorporate it into their solutions for the case. “We were working with Qatari students who knew more about the culture… we got to interact and learn from them,” one CMU Pittsburgh student remarked.

Another student noted, “The one Qatari girl on my team allowed me to learn a lot more about the Qatari culture because she wouldn’t be offended at my questions.”

When they weren’t working on the case, the students enjoyed the local cuisine, visited malls and markets, went “dune bashing,” and even rode camels! One student said, “Getting to see and explore Qatar was fun, exciting. It was very unique – different from anything the four of us had experienced before.”

Pictured, from left to right: Nakul Manaktala, Jeffrey Papai, Alexis Georgiadis, Yijia Zhou


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