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Tepper Junior Attends Conference at Harvard University

Melissa Dileo Harvard

Melissa Dileo, a junior business administration student, recently attended the Harvard Smart Woman Securities First Annual National Summit at Harvard University. Dileo is the President of the Carnegie Mellon Chapter of Smart Woman Securities (SWS), which is a national organization. The conference was created to build stronger relationships across chapters and encourage leadership development. A large portion of the summit focused on speakers such as John Hawkins, President of Leadership Edge Incorporated, and Katie Shaw, a Research Analyst at Fidelity.

Dileo said, “John Hawkins showed us a quote by Max De Pree. It said, ‘the first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between, the leader is a servant.’  This really impacted me as it made me realize that as a leader of an organization, it is important to have big ideas and plans, face the reality of what you are capable of, and always remember that even as an executive board member (or in any leadership role) you are in a sense working for those that you lead, not the other way around.” Dileo now hopes to apply all that she learned in her work here with SWS.


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