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Minor in Innovation, Economics, and Entrepreneurship

New Minor Focuses on Relationship Between Theoretical Development and Practical Applications

Innovation (both technological and social) and entrepreneurship are the catalytic forces behind modern economic growth.  Today, both developing and developed countries are looking for ways to promote and sustain growth. This minor builds on study of the behavior of individuals and firms to foster an understanding of how organizations manage innovation and learning, how firms and the market respond to technological change, and how entrepreneurs are able to turn ideas into goods and services and new markets.

The curriculum consists of six courses (54-57 units) of which five core courses are required and the sixth course (an elective) may be chosen from a list of options from across the University.

Required Core (45 Units):

  • 70-415: Introduction to Entrepreneurship (9 Units)
  • 70-437: Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management  (9 Units)
  • 70-438: Commercialization and Innovation (9 Units)
  • 73-465: Technology Strategy (9 Units) (acceptable if taken prior to Fall 2013)
  • 73-365: Firms, Market Structures, and Strategy (9 units) (as of Fall 2013)
  • 73-407: Fundamentals of Statistical Modeling (9 Units)

Elective (9-12 Units):
Choose One:

  • 70-449 (Business): Social, Economic, and Information Networks (9 Units)
  • 73-315 (Econ): Market Design: Theory and Application (9 Units)
  • 73-440 (Econ): Auctions and Markets (9 Units)
  • 73-474 (Econ): Economics of Ideas: Growth, Innovation, and Intellectual Property (9 Units)
  • 19-441 (Engineering and Public Policy): Special Topics: Global Entrepreneurship and the Future of Advanced Manufacturing (9 Units)
  • 05-320 (Human-Computer Interaction): Social Web (12 Units)
  • 90-811 (Heinz): Foundations of Social Innovation and Enterprise (6 Units) – must be paired with another course on this list
  • 90-825 (Heinz): Innovation Management and Practice (3 Units) – must be paired with another course on this list
  • 08-532 (Information Networking Institute): Law of Computer Technology (9 Units)
  • 08-533 (Institute for Software Research): Privacy, Policy, Law and Technology (9 Units)

  The Undergraduate Economics Program offers a minor in Innovation, Economics, and Entrepreneurship to students who wish to add a complement to their primary course of study.  Students who are taking any of these courses as part of their major/minor curricula may need to take additional courses so that double counting of courses does not occur.  Careful planning is needed because some of the courses are part of a sequence.

To set up a meeting to discuss the minor, please visit Dr. Goldburg's online appt. book.  

Online application form for Minor in IEE.

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