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Get Involved with Admissions

Alumni extend the reach of our ability to identify talented prospects for future Tepper School students. Opportunities to partner with the admissions team exist throughout the year. Identification of talent, recruitment and yielding activities are critical for the future of our program and we welcome your involvement.


Tepper alumni play a pivotal role in recruiting MBA and MSCF students. Support the admissions office by not only sharing your experience with individuals in your network, but by referring the candidate to the admissions team. While candidate selection will consider the entirety of the application submitted, your insights about the potential of an individual with whom you know well are valuable. Your submission will become part of the candidate’s application record and will be taken into consideration during the admission process. In addition, your referral will provide a candidate an application fee waiver.

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Alumni make a difference at a recruiting event, whether an MBA fair or Tepper information session in locations across the globe. Prospective students are very interested in the insights of recent graduates from our programs. Usually a 2-3 hour commitment per event, you can make a positive impact on a candidate’s decision to apply to Tepper by sharing your MBA experience. If you are interested in attending an admissions event, please contact James Frick on the Tepper Admissions Team


Your experience and knowledge of Tepper are valuable to candidates during the application process. By volunteering to be an admissions alumni ambassador, candidates will have the opportunity to connect with you based on your geographic location, industry and background. Your name will become part of a searchable database that will be accessible for admitted candidates. There also may be instances where the admissions team will to share your contact with promising candidates to the Tepper School. Alumni who have been out of b-school for five years or less are ideal for this role.

To serve as an Admissions Alumni Ambassador, please send an email to the attention of James Frick. Tell us your name (maiden name if applicable) and the year that you graduated from Tepper School.

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