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Welcome From The President


Welcome From The President
Welcome to Students in Free Enterprise at Carnegie Mellon University!
Members of CMU SIFE often joke that "SIFE is life." But as President of the University's SIFE chapter, I can say that this is indeed true! SIFE reminds me every day that many important, life-altering events occur outside the classroom. After all, "A head for business" is nothing without "A heart for the world."
Through commitment to this international non-profit, I have journeyed from Project Member, to Project Leader and Presenter, and now to Chapter President, learning new lessons each step of the way. Being surrounded by Tepper Faculty and Alumni, Project Leaders, and Project Members with an abundance of innovative ideas, it is impossible not to be inspired and motivated to impact the campus and broader community. I assure you that by becoming involved with SIFE, you will be challenged to transform your ideas into realities, through a journey filled with individual growth as well as a supportive community.
Attending our regional and national competitions this past year with our presenting team served to reinforce the idea that CMU SIFE is part of something greater than our 153 members on campus! In fact, SIFE spans over 40 countries and 1,500 universities. Because of the international strength of this organization, there is a high corporate demand for SIFE students, which is particularly evident with recruiters at SIFE job fairs. In addition to the exposure to SIFE job fairs, regional and national competitions gave us a chance to experience other university chapters’ work, which served to further challenge our goals for this year.
Because "SIFE is life," everyone has a place in SIFE. Our 11 projects span a wide array of social, economic, and environmental topics. And because SIFE is a mobile, forward-thinking group, we always consider ideas for new Projects and Project Initiatives!
But don't just take my word for it. Ask other SIFE members around campus about their experiences with SIFE and stop by our recruitment events this Fall. I sincerely hope you have the chance to learn as much from SIFE as I have.
In SIFE spirit always, 
Lindsay Kelly 
Carnegie Mellon Chapter President

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