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The Consulting Club offers its members an extensive case database, mock interviews, lectures and guest speakers, resume reviews, discussion panels, career coaching, networking events and so much more.

Joining the Consulting Club gives you the competitive advantage to open many doors in your career search. To join the Consulting Club, please use the online registration form to pay by credit card.

If you don't have a credit card or would prefer to pay with a check, then make your check payable to Carnegie Mellon University, and give it to Joyce Maszle in the Student Services offices. In the memo field, please write "Consulting Club" and your Andrew ID. If you pay by check in this way, please also send an email to Jesse Mott with the subject "Consulting Club fee payment." 

Once this is done, you will have access to exclusive Consulting Club resources, the intranet site on the Tepper Portal and email announcements.

FAQ About Club Dues

Is the Consulting Club funded by the school?

No, the club is 100% student-funded.

Why doesn't the Consulting Club just ask firms to sponsor its events?

When the club plans an event which the board feels is aligned well with the interests of certain firms, then the board will invite firms to co-sponsor. Most of the time the events are subsidized by student's membership dues.

Won't the Tepper School subsidize events?

When the club plans an event which is open to the entire student body, and not just club members, then the board may seek subsidies from the administration depending upon the type of event, the cost, and the overall value to students. Most of the events planned by the Consulting Club are exclusively for club members; hence, they are subsidized by student's membership dues.

What happens to club dues if the club doesn't spend all the collected dues in a given school year?

Like any bank account, leftover funds are kept available for future classes, regardless of time. The club is not required to spend a certain minimum amount of money during a limited window of time.

When does my membership expire?

Generally, all student accounts are reset every August. If a student paid for two years, then their account will get automatically renewed for both years.

Are events scheduled with FlexTime or FlexMode student schedules in mind?

All club members' needs are considered when planning events; however, it's difficult to accommodate everyone. When the board plans events, the first question we ask each other is how to maximize attendance. In recent months, the board has planned several events on Saturdays, so that everyone will have an opportunity to attend. When events are scheduled for Fridays (or otherwise on an MBA student's schedule), the board either offers an encore version of the event, a video capture of the event, or provides plenty of notice in case working students want to ask their employers for the time off to attend.

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