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The Tepper School Poker Club strives to educate club members through tutorials, Las Vegas trek and live poker games. Poker tournaments are organized throughout the year for club members and for the Tepper community in an effort to provide a learning environment. The club participates in the annual MBA Poker Championship in Las Vegas providing networking opportunities with other MBA students, alumni and recruiters.

Why Join Tepper Poker Club?

Improve your poker game. Stop your buddies from taking your money! Tepper Poker Club provides lessons and poker strategy workshops.

Win your tuition back. The Poker Club sponsors eight to twelve players of the annual Road to Vegas Tournament Series to represent the club in the 2013 MBA World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

Find your next career. Through poker events, the club members can network with other MBA students, alumni and recruiters. Psst... I’ve heard that finance jobs require keen poker skills and there will be even a corporate sponsored event where your game is part of the recruiting process!

Most importantly, have fun! Tepper Poker Club holds regular home games that bring first and second years students and their partners together in social settings.

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