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Most accounting research at Carnegie Mellon business school is grounded in economics. In addition, students in accounting take a wide range of courses in mathematics, probability and statistics, econometrics, and experimental design that prepare them to conduct both theoretical and empirical research.

The Accounting area in particular, and the business school in general, maintain an active workshop series. These workshops provide another important component of a student's education.

Below are listed courses which accounting students are expected to take, and courses from which they may choose.

Accounting courses (which may vary from year-to-year)

47-710 Seminar in Accounting

47-718 Accounting and Information Economics I

47-719 Accounting and Information Economics II

47-910 Market Dynamics


Typical other coursework:

47-780 Mathematics for Economists

47-800 Microeconomics I

47-801 Microeconomics II

47-811 Econometrics I

47-812 Econometrics II

47-817 Game Theory and Applications

47-818 Economics of Contracts


Other subjects depending on interest:

21-620 Real Analysis

21-621 Introduction to Lebesgue Measure

36-753/54 Probability and Stochastic Processes

47-721 Seminar in Finance I

47-722 Seminar in Finance II

47-723 Seminar in Finance III

47-727 Credit Derivatives

47-802 Macroeconomics I

47-803 Dynamic Competitive Analysis

47-805 Computational Methods for Economics

47-834 Linear Programming

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