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Fulfillment of the doctoral program requires that the student complete between 136 and 162 course units. The exact course-unit requirement is dependent upon the student's prior preparation in business technologies.

Listed below is a selection of courses offered in the Business Technologies program.

Courses in Business Technologies:

• 47-951 BT PhD seminar I
• 47-952 BT PhD seminar II
• 47-953 BT PhD seminar III
• 47-954 BT PhD seminar IV
• 45-870 Management of Information Systems
• 45-872 Information Resources Management
• 45-873 Telecommunications for Business
• 45-877 Strategic Uses of Information Technology
• 45-878 Developing and Sourcing Information Systems
• 45-914 Information Technology Management

Concentration Areas:

The Tepper School of Business has defined several concentration areas within Business Technologies for students to develop, in consultation with their advisors. Students wishing to concentrate in Business Technologies have the opportunity to examine problems of theoretical and practical importance to management and the research community.

Among the more popular concentrations in Business Technologies are the modeling of individual and organizational responses to new information technologies, the economic evaluation of information systems, electronic commerce, software productivity and quality, and business value of Internet technologies.

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