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Women Academy final

Who Should Attend?


This program is designed for women leaders with significant responsibilities within the corporate, public sector, entrepreneurial, academic or non-profit environments. More specifically, women leaders with 8 or more years of experience leading people and/or projects.

Participants will gain ability in:

  • Negotiating strategic initiatives and deals for their organizations and its stakeholders
  • Mastering a new paradigm for solving problems
  • Enhancing relationships and expanding influence
  • Closing the gender gap and navigating barriers
  • Leveraging talents and claiming value

"Part of the Academy’s genius is in bringing together women of varied backgrounds, ages and careers. We are executives at major corporations, family business owners, engineers, accountants, lawyers and educators. We learn from the case studies presented by internationally sought-after professors and consultants -- but we also learn from each other. I’ve probably learned the most from the women with whom I initially thought I had the least in common. I am everlastingly grateful to be a part of the Academy community, which continues to be a valuable professional and personal network for me."

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