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Tepper School Academic Mission

The academic mission of the Tepper School of Business is reflected in its intense, innovative and creative environment that characterizes our approach to research and learning.

Our mission is to:

  • Create and disseminate knowledge through research, teaching and learning and to transfer intellectual property to society.
  • Serve our students by teaching high-level, analytical problem-solving, leadership and teamwork skills as well as the value of a commitment to excellence, ethical behavior, society and respect for one another.
  • Pursue the advantages provided by a diverse and small university community, where the exchange of ideas, discovery, creativity and personal and professional development flourish.

Our faculty, students, alumni and staff are committed to improving the leadership and problem-solving potential and skills of individuals in order to enhance their contributions and value to organizations and to society at large. We strive for excellence in the creation and dissemination of knowledge that is grounded in management science principles and directed toward improving the practice and profession of management. We achieve this mission throuh the creation and implementation of general management programs, specialized and interdisciplinary education programs, and through conducting, publishing and transferring research and new knowledge of importance to society.

Our goal is to be the world leader and innovator in management education and research, known internationally for:

  • Graduates who are capable of being high-impact business leaders, who are entrepreneurial and know how to harness information and technology in complex environments for economic growth.
  • Education and research programs that are innovative, interdisciplinary, technology-intense and international in scope that seamlessly build upon the core competencies of the Tepper School of Business and Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Values that build upon high expectations of ethical behavior, respect for the individual, responsibility to society, dedication to work and commitment to innovation, quality and continuous improvement.

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