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Non-MBA Graduate Students

Entrepreneurship courses are not just for MBA students. Entrepreneurship is interdisciplinary and crosses all departments and levels of academic study at Carnegie Mellon. Non-MBA graduate students can sign up for undergraduate entrepreneurship courses; they are not limited to considering only graduate Tepper entrepreneurship courses. The Donald H. Jones Center for Entrepreneurship encourages students of all disciplines to study entrepreneurship by working with schools across campus to cross-list entrepreneurship courses and make them as available as possible to non-Tepper students.

Non-MBA graduate students have two options if they are interested in registering for an entrepreneurship course at Carnegie Mellon:

1) Visit the Tepper School's non-Tepper Student's Course Requests page if you are not a Tepper student but are interested in signing up for a graduate Tepper entrepreneurship course.

2) The Donald H. Jones Center for Entrepreneurship hosts a wide range of undergraduate courses. Please visit Enrollment Services if you are interested in registering for an undergraduate entrepreneurship course.  

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