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Checklist - Information before you Apply

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checkbox4Letters of Recommendation

checkbox4Unofficial Transcripts of all Academic Work

checkbox4Official GRE or GMAT Score

checkbox4Official TOEFL or IELTS Score (for applicants whose native language is not English)

checkbox4$200 Application Fee

Download the Fall 2014 MBA Application Instructions (.pdf)

Additional Information for MBA Applicants

I. A Completed Online Application

We use a self-managed application procedure. That is, applicants are fully responsible for completing and submitting their applications on time and in accordance with the following admissions guidelines.

  • You do not need to complete the application in one sitting; you can log in or out at any time to make changes and updates to your application prior to submission.
  • You should update your contact information using the online application system should it change during the application process, but before you make an enrollment deposit. After a deposit is made, contact our office directly to ensure that we have your most up-to-date contact information.
  • Once submitted, you cannot make any other changes to your application (other than your contact information). Be sure to review your application materials prior to submission.
  • We cannot guarantee an admission decision will be made until we receive all required materials listed in your application.

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II. Current Resume

Your resume should be 1-2 pages highlighting the achievements you have made in your professional career.

  • Use a standard (i.e. Times New Roman or Arial), 12-pt. font.
  • Submit your resume with your online application.
  • It is imperative that you include month and year for start and end dates for each position held.

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III. Essays

There are two short answer questions, three required essays, and an optional essay for all Tepper MBA applicants.

  • Short answer questions should be a maximum of 250 words each, essay 1 should be a maximum of 500 words, and essays 2 and 3 should be a maximum of 300 words each.
  • All essays should be double-spaced, using a standard (i.e. Times New Roman or Arial), 12-pt font.
  • You may also submit an optional essay to add information that you do not feel is adequately covered elsewhere in the application.  If you believe your credentials and essays represent you fairly, you should not feel obligated to complete the optional essay. The optional essay should be at a maximum of 500 words.
  • Your essays must be submitted with your online application.

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IV. Letters of Recommendation

Two Letters of Recommendation are required. Choose recommenders who are able to provide specific and relevant information about your potential for success.

  • Recommendations may submit the online recommendation form at any time after you save your recommender’s contact information in the online application system.
  • Ensure that your recommendations are submitted within one week of the applications deadline date. Your application will not be forwarded for review until both recommendations are received.
  • If you are currently a full-time student or a recent graduate (within the past year), you may submit one recommendation from an academic source.
  • The admissions committee prefers at least one recommendation from a professional relationship.
  • Recommendations from friends, family members or acquaintances are unacceptable.

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V. Unofficial Transcripts of all Academic Work

Successful applicants will hold a four-year bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in the U.S. or an equivalent degree from a foreign country. All candidates are required to upload legible scanned/digitized copies of their transcripts and degree certificates indicating name, degree earned, and the date the degree was completed (if applicable) for each institution attended. If the transcript is in a language other than English, an official translation must be included. All international transcripts must be submitted with all components listed in the World Education Service (WES) Required Documents standards. Applicants are NOT required to submit any documents or utilize WES translation services, but rather, use their standards as a guideline to assure all required transcript components are are uploaded and submitted with your application.

Only unofficial transcripts are required at the time of application. If admitted, you will be required to submit official transcripts that verify the unofficial copies submitted at the time of application.

  • Scan an official copy of your transcripts. Internet printouts will NOT be accepted. Transcripts should clearly state your name and the name of the institution.
  • While copying, be sure to black out any reference to your social security, student ID number, and/or date of birth.
  • Scan the photocopy (experiment with different settings until you find the one that results in the smallest file size, yet is clearly legible).
  • Upload all pages of your transcript, but only one example of the back page to provide us with your university transcript key.
  • Check the file size before uploading. It cannot exceed 1000kb.
  • The format of the uploaded document must be in .doc, .pdf, rtf., or .txt. For Macintosh users, note that the filename must include the appropriate 3-letter extension.
  • Should you be admitted, you are required to submit official transcripts at a later date.

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VI. Official GRE or GMAT Score

The Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) or the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is required of all applicants. A candidate who has taken the GMAT or GRE more than once will self-report the highest score when completing the online application.

Test scores must be forwarded directly to Carnegie Mellon by Pearson VUE (GMAT) or ETS (GRE). When you take the exam, select the appropriate code as follows:

  •   GMAT Program Codes
    • Full-Time MBA - 69H-XH-99
    • FlexTime MBA (Part-time, OnCampus - Pittsburgh) - 69H-XH-02
    • FlexMBA – (Part-time, Online-Onsite) - 69H-XH-01
    • MSCF Program - 69H-XH-17
  • GRE Program Code
    • 4883 (Carnegie Mellon Tepper School of Business)

Scores are valid for five years and should be taken before submitting your application. Scores must be valid at the time you submit your application.

Additional information on test options may be found at and

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VII. Official TOEFL or IELTS Score

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is required of applicants whose native language is not English.

  • The only exception is for applicants who have earned a degree at a university where the language of instruction is English.
  • TOEFL: All scores must also be forwarded to Carnegie Mellon by ETS. Use institutional code 2074 and departmental code 02. Any questions about the TOEFL should be directed to ETS. Further information on the TOEFL can be found at
  • IELTS:  Select Carnegie Mellon and the Tepper School of Business to have your IELTS scores sent to us. For questions and additional information, visit
  • We will expect to receive each test listed in your  application. Your application will remain incomplete and will not be reviewed until we receive all official test scores reported in your application.

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VIII. $200 Application Fee

A non-refundable $200 application fee is required of all applicants. This fee can be paid online using a credit card at the time of submission.

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