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Case Competitions

Throughout the year, Tepper students will be participating in a variety of internal and external case competitions, involving teams of students competing against each other in the analysis and presentation of a case.

The case competitions are a wonderful way to

  • apply concepts learned in the classroom
  • select facts
  • conduct extensive analysis
  • pursue a line of thinking
  • make decisions in a deadline-driven environment.

Case competitions also offer participants an opportunity to develop contacts with corporate sponsors, faculty, and students from leading national and international MBA programs.

Tepper Case Competitions

Last year, business school students participated in nearly 20 case competitions in addition to designing an innovative one of their own, including a Wall Street Trading Case. Students have also created and supported clubs aimed at facilitating networking within key areas, for example, the Tepper Women in Business, the Black Business Association, the Asian Business Club, and the Latin American Business Club.

Visit our Student Clubs & Organizations for more information.

Spotlight: Microsoft Case Competition

“The Microsoft MBA case competition was pioneered with the Tepper B&T Club as a first-time ever event. Participants were given an opportunity to solve current business issues faced by Microsoft and the winners were given a great summer internship opportunity. Microsoft is thrilled to partner with the Tepper B&T Club for building business talent in Tepper students by giving them experiential opportunities that pay off as internships and full time jobs eventually.”  - Pradeep U.N., Product planner, Microsoft Consulting Services

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