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Accelerated MBA

Geared towards Carnegie Mellon undergraduates majoring in Business Administration, Computer Science, Engineering and Information Systems, the Tepper School of Business's 3/2 program allows students to earn a Bachelors degree and an MBA in a five year, accelerated and integrated program.  

To apply to a 3/2 program, please talk with your advisor for your CMU undergraduate major, as some requirements differ depending on program. The completed 3/2 application is due by January 31st of a student's junior year.  Applicants should plan to take the GMAT or GRE by the end of January and will be contacted by the MBA Admissions Office in early February to arrange an interview.

For questions or to schedule an informational meeting, please contact Kelly Ogiba, Assistant Director of Masters Admissions, Tepper School of Business.

3/2 Applicant Checklist:

* Maintain excellent academic record
* Complete a company internship
* Take on leadership roles
* Attend a Fall 3/2  Info Session
* Attend 3/2 Application Workshop
* Chat with an Admissions Counselor
* Prepare and take the GMAT or GRE
* Apply by January 31st of jr year

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