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On-site Learning

At the ends of the mini-semester (7 weeks in length), you will travel and meet with your classmates and professors for our Access Weekends. These 3-day immersive breaks occur Friday - Sunday every two months and emphasize both academics and career development. You will complete mini-semester projects and bridge to your next mini-semester with kick-off classes. In addition, you will have the opportunity to network with faculty as well as Tepper School alumni for dinner receptions and industry events aimed at advancing your leadership and career goals. Following the completion of each Access Weekend, students will return home and continue their subsequent mini-semester coursework.

In addition to the Access Weekends scheduled throughout the program's 32 months is the kick-off orientation at the start of Year One. FlexMBA students will travel to the Pittsburgh main campus for a four-day orientation that introduces professors and classmates to one another and begins the process of starting the mini-semester. At this time, the FlexMBA technology tools will be shared, and students will have an opportunity to accelerate their online learning.

We realize the classroom is only one way in which learning occurs, so we have designed Access Weekends to also feature career development opportunities. The Tepper School's alumni network is particularly tight-knit, and each Access Weekend will feature networking opportunities and industry events to expand your skills, contacts and exposure to a variety of functions and industries.


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