A member of the MSCF Steering Committee, Program Director Rick Bryant is part of the team that ensures strong academic and career preparation for our world-class MSCF Program.

MSCF Director Rick Bryant

A Word From The Director

Introduced in 1994, Carnegie Mellon's pioneering Master of Science in Computational Finance (MSCF) is considered by many today to be the top quantitative financial engineering program in the country.  Now in our 22nd year, the MSCF degree is well respected in the world's financial capitals, and the recruiting demand for our students is strong. The products of financial engineering have been at the forefront of some of the decade's most profound developments in finance, and the MSCF program prepares students in the high-level mathematical and statistical concepts underlying these complicated financial structures. 

The MSCF program is a joint venture of four colleges on our campus:

  • The Tepper School of Business
  • The Mathematical Sciences Department
  • The Department of Statistics
  • The Heinz College

Administered by the Tepper School of Business, MSCF students enjoy the advantages of the business school environment, including the full resources of the school's career placement services. As a result of the collaborative efforts of these four colleges, MSCF's twenty-five courses are both balanced and deep. Designed expressly for the MSCF student and the needs of the industry, the MSCF curriculum seamlessly integrates instruction in probability, statistical analysis, numerical methods, computation and simulation methods, stochastic processes, economics, and their application in today’s quantitative financial markets.

The MSCF program is intense and extremely demanding - recruiters know the students graduating from MSCF are bright, highly motivated and keenly interested in the financial engineering industry. Our employment rates remain high - even in these challenging times.  

If your passion is to be in derivative sales and trading, quantitative portfolio management, risk management or financial analytics, there is no program better able to provide you with the educational tools and recruiting services you need to succeed!

We welcome your visit to the MSCF website and encourage you to apply.

Richard Bryant
MSCF Executive Director



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