The Tepper Approach to Custom Programs

Our approach to custom program development begins and ends with YOU, because one size really doesn’t fit all when it comes to executive education.
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Considering your unique needs, challenges and organizational goals is always our first priority.

A custom program makes good business sense. With Tepper School of Business Executive Education, your organization will discover a cost-effective opportunity to access the expertise of one of the country's top centers of innovation, obtaining practical and immediately applicable skills. 

With a thorough understanding of your culture, target outcomes, business development objectives and budgetary realities, we build highly customized programs that achieve maximum impact.  All Custom Programs at the Tepper School of Business emphasize three elements:

  • Integration: We align your particular needs and goals with our faculty’s leading-edge expertise.
  • Environment: We create a learning environment that will both challenge and inspire, with participant-appropriate learning formats and relevant projects, exercises and applications.
  • Human Capital: Strengthening your managerial networks is essential for building cohesive culture and consequent performance. Our programs build your human capital through the best mix of program participants and disciplines across your organization. We strive to integrate our programs into your company’s existing leadership strategy and executive training initiatives to facilitate long-term alignment. 

We believe that open dialogue is critical to successful Custom Program development, and our process is designed to foster engagement at each stage of planning.

  • Our initial discussions will focus on gathering information about your organization, determining fit and aligning objectives.
  • Program design will center on defining parameters that include timing, resources, expert lecturers and the most appropriate learning model for your particular needs.
  • Program development will include content, materials and technologies built around your company-specific scenarios and projects, as well as the most advantageous learning platform and venue.
  • Delivery will involve pre-program work distribution, logistics and program execution, as well as evaluation.

The Tepper process emphasizes Ongoing Engagement, with follow-on learning and support.

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