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Business Technology (formerly Computing And Information Technology)

View or download complete presentation (pdf): Business Technology Track (formerly Computing and Information Technology)

Please note that this track was revised as shown in Fall 2013, and as shown in the University's current Undegraduate Catalog. Students in the Class of 2014 may still use the previously listed courses to complete the track. Other students who have taken these courses to fulfil requirements (up to and including Fall 2013) may still apply those courses to the track. Please consult your academic advisor to verify and update your academic audit.

Required Courses

  • 70-453  Business Technology Consulting (new title)
  • 70-455  Modern Data Management

Select four additional courses from the following list:

  • 15-121  Introduction to Data Structures
  • 36-315  Statistical Graphics and Visualization
  • 70-339  Information Technology for Finance
  • 70-443  Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy
  • 70-449  Social, Economic & Information Networks
  • 70-465  Technology Strategy
  • 70-488  Interactive Marketing (6 units)
  • 70-643  Publishing on the World Wide Web
  • 88-223  Decision Analysis & Decision Support Systems

Track Advisor

Dr. Wolfgang Gatterbauer
Assistant Professor in Business Technology
354 Posner

Focus on the Track

Spring 2014 Course Highlights

Information Technology for Finance
(70-339 Course Description PDF)
      Professor Param Singh
Singh, Param"Students will learn how
to use the information
emanating from
financial markets
decision making and
building systematic
models for trading

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