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List of Tepper Senior Honors Theses in Economics

2012-2013 AY

  • Victoria Baggio: Product Diversification in an Emerging Market: Yele, Sierra Leone (Advisor: Prof. Rebecca Lessem) 
  • Kevin Bao: Testing for the Law of Aggregate Demand (Advisor: Prof. M. Bumin Yenmez)  
  • Oliver Haimson: Where are They Now: Analyzing Gender Differences in Executive Exit Patterns (Advisor: Prof. Limor Golan - Washington University in St. Louis)
  • Jung Moon Jang: The Relationship Between the Unemployment Rate and the Birth Rate in Korea (Advisor: Prof. Yaroslav Kryukov) 
  • Margaret Kowalski: Effect of Chinese "Checkbook Diplomacy" on Oil Production in Angola, Nigeria, and Sudan (Advisors: Prof. Laurence Ales and Elizabeth Kaske (Modern Languages) 
  • Oshamimi Mayaki: The Impact of Urban Regulation on Informal Settlements in Nigeria (Advisor: Prof. Laurence Ales)
  • JoonSu Min: Public Pension Fund: Its Redistributive Function and Return on Investments (Advisor: Prof. Yaroslav Kryukov) 
  • Karthik Nagaran: School Choice: Diversity Constraints (Advisor: Prof. Isa Hafalir) 

2011-2012 AY

  • Courtney Chin: Are Luxury Goods Pro Cyclical: Studying the Volatility Effects (Advisor: Prof. Yaroslav Kryukov) 
  • Alisa Deychman: Examining Kimberly-Clark and Scott Paper Merger (Advisor: Prof. Timothy Derdenger) [Full Text PDF]
  • Swati Gupta: Effects of Financial Constraints on Innovation Races and Clinical Trials (Advisor: Prof. Yaroslav Kryukov)
  • Yaqi Niu: The Determinants of Self-Employment in Mexico and Household Transitions between 2002 and 2005 (Prof. Rebecca Lessem) [Full Text PDF]
  • Risa Shen: The Effect of Unemployment Benefits on Job Search Duration and Post-Unemployment Wage (Prof. George-Levi Gayle)  [Full Text PDF]
  • Ashish Thakrar: The Rising Cost of Diabetes Care: Annual Variations in Expenditures, Decomposed by Price and Utilization (Prof. Marty Gaynor) [Full Text PDF]
  • Lyubov Zeylikman: What's the Deal with Free Shipping? (Prof. George-Levi Gayle)  [Full Text PDF]

2010-2011 AY

  • Dina Megretskaia:  Investigating the Effect of Payment Medium on Consumer Spending (Prof. Elif Hafalir)
  • Shweta Suresh: Impact of Social Risk Aversion and Audience Effects on Generosity to the Poor (Prof. Christina Fong) [Full Text PDF]
  • Akshay Upadhyay: Increasing Reliability: Attracting More Clients to Microfinance Institutions (Prof. Stephen Spear)
  • Sebastian Wai: Patenting an Industry: Tracking Semiconductor Investors in Silicon Valley and Beyond (Prof. Steven Klepper) [Full Text PDF]

2009-2010 AY

  • Engin Altinoglu: Do Zoning Ordinances Effect Distribution of Housing? (Advisor: Prof. Dennis Epple)
  • Utku Karagoz: Comparison of the Financial Crisis in Turkey in 2001 with the Financial Crisis in the United States in 2008 on the Basis of Banking Sectors and Regulations (Advisor: Prof. Sevin Yeltekin)
  • Richard Katzwer: Finding Nash Equilibria in Asymmetric Auctions with Resale: Numerical and Analytical Developments (Advisor: Prof. Isa Hafalir)
  • Lauren McMicken: The Industrial Revolution and the Information Age: An Analysis of the Criticisms of the Industrial Revolution and the Corrections of the Information Age  (Advisor: Prof. Stephen Spear)
  • Brian Moon: Exploration of Government Policy through a DSGE Model (Advisor: Prof. Chris Sleet)
  • Daniel Park: Altruistic Economics: Why this is a Soung Alternative to Neo-Classical Economics (Prof. Stephen Spear)
  • Lindsey Reese: Tax Returns and Charitable Contributions (Advisor: Prof. Roberto Weber)
  • Hon Ming Quek: Examining Causes of Delay in State Court Level Civil Trials (Advisor: Prof. Yaroslav Kryukov)
  • D. Scott Taylor: Modeling the Price Dynamics of Catastrophe Bonds (Advisor: Benoit Morel)

2008-2009 AY

  • Jerome Combes-Knoke: The Valuation of Alternative Energy Proposals in Stochastic Markets (Advisor: Prof. Benoit Morel) 
  • Akshaya Jha: Estimating the Effects of School Closings on Student Retention (Prof. Dennis Epple)   [Full Text PDF]
  • David Mirksy: Considerations for an NFL Rookie Pay Scale (Advisor: Prof. George-Levi Gayle)   [Full Text PDF]
  • Athip Tantivorawong: An Econometric Analysis on Factors that Affect Teenage Pregnancy Based on 1979 National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (Advisor: Prof. Stephen Spear) [Full Text PDF]
  • Andre F. Tartar: Do Special and Charter Schools Help Attainment in Public Schools? (Advisor: Prof. Maria Ferreyra)   [Full Text PDF]

2007-2008 AY

  • Robert L. Jefferson: Anti-Foreign Sentiment in the California Gold Rush (Advisor: Prof. Karen Clay) [Full Text PDF]
  • Michael C. Lee: Kodak-Fujifilm Trade Allegations and the Discovery of "The Petition Effect" Using Stock Prices Analysis (Advisor: Prof. Patrick Sileo)  
  • Sudeep Paul: The Effect of Induced Competition on Decision-Making within the Auction Model (Advisor: Prof. Roberto Weber) 
  • Rebecca H. Radkoff: Food Price and Market Behavior in the California Gold Rush (Advisor: Prof. Karen Clay)  [Full Text PDF]
  • Sara K. Wille: Housing and Development in Pittsburgh: Lessons from Minneapolis' Corridor Housing Initiative (Advisor: Prof. Stephen Spear)

2006-2007 AY

  • Justin A. Berka: The Good, The Bad, and the Waiting: Simulating Generalized Second-Price Auctions for Online Advertising  (Advisor: Prof. Patrick Sileo) 
  • Mercy Chang: Migration, Risk, and Insurance: Evidence from the California Gold Rush (Advisor: Prof. Karen Clay) [Full Text PDF]
  • Randall C. Jones: Migrating to Riches? Evidence from the California Gold Rush  (Advisor: Prof. Karen Clay)  [Full Text PDF]
  • Seng Keat Teh: Option Valuation and Hedging Using Volatility-Adjusted Pricing Kernels  (Prof. Stanley Zin) 
  • Brandi M. Tish: Forecasting Real GDP Growth (Advisor: Prof. Holger Sieg)  [Full Text PDF]
  • Henry S. Tsai: Economic Inequalities of Major League Baseball  (Advisor: Prof. Burton Hollifield)  [Full Text PDF]

2005-2006 AY

  • Andy Butler: Breaking the Ranks: A Closer Look at the Problems and Imperfections in College Football's Bowl Championship Series (Advisor: Prof. Patrick Larkey)
  • Max Egan: Descriptive Analysis of Charitable Giving Behavior to Pittsburgh Cultural Organizations (Advisor: Prof. Holger Sieg)  [Full Text PDF]
  • Aileen Ma: An Examination of Music Downloading and its Effects through Stock Price Analysis (Advisor: Prof. Karen Clay)   [Full Text PDF]
  • Lin Tian: Singapore Monetary System -- How Does it Work? (Advisor: Prof. Bennett McCallum)   [Full Text PDF]
  • Yew Choe Wong: The Self-fulfilling Effects of the Business Week Graduate Business School Ranking (Advisor: Prof. Dennis Epple)  [Full Text PDF]

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