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Wherever you go in your career, MSCF is here to provide you with the support and resources you need to remain connected. The links below provide you with access to the Career Opportunities Center, alumni search tools, event calendars, alumni chapter web sites and much more!

Alumni Network

Allows you to find all the different ways you can connect to the MSCF program and other alums through multiple channels, including social media. 

Compass Alumni Directory

Allows MSCF alums interested in networking, sharing a business idea or exploring career opportunities, access to up-to-date alumni information.

MSCF Alumni Events

Allows you to search for all MSCF and Tepper School Alumni Events.

MSCF Alumni Career Services

The Career Opportunities Center offers a variety of career services to our alumni community. Take advantage of them!

MSCF Giving

Nineteen years ago, Carnegie Mellon created the first "Financial Engineering" degree. Much copied but never surpassed, the MSCF program is one of the university's proudest accomplishments. Now, we ask your help in keeping the MSCF program the best of its kind.

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