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Transfer Credit Policy for Non-CMU Courses for the UBA Program

Below is the policy for undergraduate Business Administration students taking courses elsewhere and requesting that credit for these courses transfer to their Carnegie Mellon record. Courses taken elsewhere will be considered for transfer if the courses and the institution offering them are of a level and rigor comparable to the Tepper School and to Carnegie Mellon.

Course Transfer Limits

  • Primary BA majors may transfer up to three courses (including any taken prior to enrolling at CMU)
  • Students with Additional BA major may transfer up to two courses for the major;
  • BA minors may transfer one BA course (70-xxx) requirement;
  • No online courses will be approved;
  • Courses from four-year institutions are strongly preferred;
  • Primary BA majors may not take more than two courses for transfer at the same time during the Summer.


These limits do not apply to credit approved through Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Exams, Cross-Registration through PCHE, or Study Abroad programs.

Grades and units

A final letter grade of B or better is required for credit to transfer. Grades do not transfer and do not affect students’ Carnegie Mellon grade point average (except for Cross-registration courses, such as those taken at the University of Pittsburgh).

The number of units that students may transfer depends on the course’s number of credit hours (time spent in class). In general, about 45 credit hours will earn 9 Carnegie Mellon units (example: a 3-credit course taken at the University of Pittsburgh equals 9 units).

Internal Transfer Students

This policy applies retroactively to students who enter undergraduate Business through internal transfer and have already taken courses elsewhere for transfer credit.

Requesting Transfer Credit Approval

Students who wish to receive approval for transfer credit must use the online submission form at this link (and requires login).


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