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Grievance Procedures

The Tepper School's Ph.D. program's formal grievance procedures parallel those used for academic disciplinary cases. The formal process is initiated by a student's petition to the business school Ph.D. Committee to have the grievance heard. The Chairman of the Committee can elect to bring the petition (together with relevant background information) before the Committee for discussion and recommendation. If additional fact-finding is necessary, the Chairman can appoint an advisory committee consisting of Ph.D. Committee members together with other Ph.D. students. This ad hoc committee is responsible for hearing the petition and collecting any necessary additional information, and passing a recommendation on the full Ph.D. Committee for action.

Once the Ph.D. Committee acts on the grievance, the petitioning student retains rights of review similar to those involved in academic proceedings. He or she may request review of the Ph.D. Committee's actions by the Tepper School Dean's office and, if necessary, through the University's administrative channels (Dean of Student Affairs, Provost's office).

Less formally, the Ph.D. Committee exists within the school as the faculty body responsible for the overall welfare of the school's Ph.D. students. The Chairman of the Committee together with the faculty area representatives are available at all times to deal with problems students may have. In this less formal capacity, many student grievances have been handled without actual administrative hearings or fact-finding.

To initiate an informal grievance proceeding, a student can approach either the Chairman or area representatives on the Committee and request assistance with a problem. In most instances, the faculty on the Committee can deal with the problem directly. Where the solution to a problem is not direct or easy, the area representative and/or Chairman can recommend further actions to the student, discuss potential consequences of various actions and facilitate any further action the student deems necessary.

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