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Recent Tepper Senior Honors Theses in Economics





Jerome Combes-Knoke The Valuation of Alternative Energy Proposals in Stochastic Markets Prof. Benoit Morel (CIT) 2009


Akshaya Jha Estimating the Effects of School Closings on Student Retention Prof. Dennis Epple (TSB) 2009


David Mirsky Considerations for an NFL Rookie Pay Scale Prof. George-Levi Gayle(TSB) 2009 PDF
Andre F. Tartar Do Special and Charter Schools Help Attainment in Public Schools? Prof. Maria Ferreyra (TSB) 2009  
Robert L. Jefferson Anti Foreign Sentiment in the California Gold Rush Prof. Karen Clay (Heinz) 2008  
Michael C. Lee Kodak-Fujifilm Trade Allegations and the Discovery of "The Petition Effect" Using Stock Prices Analysis Prof. Patrick Sileo (TSB) 2008  
Sudeep Paul The Effect of Induced Competition on Decision-Making within the Auction Model Prof. Roberto Weber (H&SS) 2008  
Rebecca H. Radkoff Food Price and Market Behavior in the California Gold Rush Prof. Karen Clay (Heinz) 2008  
Sara K. Wille Housing and Development in Pittsburgh: Lessons from Minneapolis' Corridor Housing Initiative Prof. Stephen Spear (TSB) 2008  
Justin Berka The Good, the Bad, and the Waiting: Simulating Generalized Second-Price Auctions for Online Advertising Prof. Patrick Sileo (TSB) 2007  
Mercy Chang Migration, Risk, and Insurance: Evidence from the California Gold Rush Prof. Karen Clay (Heinz)  2007   
Randall C. Jones Migrating to Riches? Evidence from the California Gold Rush Prof. Karen Clay (Heinz) 2007  
Seng Keat Teh Option Valuation and Hedging with Volatility-Adjusted Pricing Kernels Prof. Stan Zin (TSB) 2007  
Brandi M. Tish Forecasting Real GDP Growth Prof. Holger Sieg (TSB) 2007  
Henry S. Tsai Economic Inequalities of Major League Baseball Prof. Burton Hollifield (TSB) 2007  
Andy Butler Breaking the Ranks: A Closer Look at the Problems and Imperfections in College Football's Bowl Championship Series Prof. Patrick Larkey (Heinz) 2006  
Max Egan Descriptive Analysis of Charitable Giving Behavior to Pittsburgh Cultural Organizations Prof. Holger Sieg (TSB) 2006  
Aileen Ma An Examination of Music Downloading and its Effects through Stock Price Analysis Prof. Karen Clay (Heinz) 2006  
Lin Tian Singapore Monetary System -- How Does it Work? Prof. Bennett McCallum (TSB) 2006  
Yew Choe Wong The Self-fulfilling Effects of the Business Week Graduate Business School Ranking  Prof. Dennis Epple (TSB) 2006  

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