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Section 4: Tracks

Tracks are in-depth customized academic experiences in a specific area of study. Tracks are an option for Tepper MBA students. The curriculum for a track typically consists of 8-10 recommended courses with a capstone project course.

4.1       Application

Track information sessions are held in mini 2 of fall semester. Specific application dates for all tracks will be announced at the track information sessions. Students must apply and be accepted into the track of their choice. Students may only apply for one track.

4.2       Grades

Specific grade requirements will be outlined in the Guidelines and Expectations for each track. All track courses must be taken for a grade. Courses needed to complete the track requirements may not be taken as pass/fail or audit, unless pass/fail is the only grading option as stated by the professor.

4.3       Registration for Track Courses

It is the student’s responsibility to register and complete the courses necessary for the track. In order to assure registration for the necessary courses, students must rank track courses among the highest during preregistration. Students must register for courses outside of the Tepper School through the university’s Online Registration (OLR). Student Services staff can assist with this process.

Courses taken outside of Tepper for a track count towards the 18 units allowable to all MBA students.

4.4       Track Capstone

All MBA students must complete a capstone experience towards their degree requirements. Students in a track must complete all of the coursework and the project course specific to their track in order to meet the requirements of the capstone experience.


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