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The Consulting Club is the largest MBA student club at Tepper. The club’s mission is to elevate the level of the consultants that Tepper produces and place them at top consulting firms.

Through a combination of workshops, seminars and one-on-one mentoring the club transforms its members into effective and sought-after consultants. This means not only successfully navigating the highly competitive recruiting process, but also developing the tools to excel in the industry.

The club provides a litany of resources to help students succeed in every aspect of the consulting recruiting process. These resources include boot camps, workshops, networking events, and case competitions. Additionally, the club has a comprehensive case database that helps our members prepare for the recruiting season. The club also organizes Treks that allow students to visit the offices of many of the largest consulting firms. These resources combine to make the consulting club calendar amongst the busiest at Tepper!

While club membership is a must for the more than 40% of the first year class that aspire to land a coveted consulting internship, it also attracts students from other disciplines like general management, marketing and finance because the rigorous preparation that we put into developing our members and equipping them to be successful at case interviews translates seamlessly to recruiting for Leadership Development Programs, Marketing Cases and Investment Banking Interviews.

The Consulting Club has seen remarkable growth in the past year, reflected by its membership and record recruiting success. As the Tepper program continues to be recognized for producing highly successful consultants, we look forward to helping you achieve your career goals and consulting aspirations.

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