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The Tepper Energy Club ("TEC") is a student-run professional organization dedicated to developing the Tepper community's knowledge of and interaction with knowledge of and interaction with foundenergy tech,the energy industry. The TEC provides both learning and networking opportunities through a variety of forums emphasizing preparation for the diversity of careers available in the energy sector.

Given Carnegie Mellon’s leading efforts in energy technology research and commercialization (such as Aquion Energy and CMU’s new Scott Institute for Energy Innovation), Pittsburgh’s ties to prominent oil & gas firms, the Tepper School’s strengths in operations & analytics, and Tepper’s Electricity Industry Institute, the TEC hopes to educate and expose students to the many emerging business models, technologies, and professional opportunities available throughout industry today.

Our mission is to:

  • Educate students about the entire energy sector, from traditional oil & gas to modern energy tech, and the various career opportunities which can be found
  • Provide a forum for networking opportunities
  • Build and maintain lasting professional relationships with energy-related companies and Tepper alumni
  • Engage in collaborative work with other student clubs and research centers at Carnegie Mellon University

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