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Golf Club Masthead 2011


Tepper School golf club hosts several events including:

Annual Alumni/Recruiter Event
Opportunity to meet and play a round of golf with alumni and corporate representatives. Round will be followed by a dinner with additional networking opportunities.

Etiquette Lunches
Learn the intricacies of playing golf to ensure proper etiquette during play in a professional or social setting.

Friday Morning 9-hole Golf
Quick 9-hole games at nearby Bob O’Conner Golf Course.

Range Day
Develop and/or maintain your golf swing. Player Development officer will be available to help members develop their golf swing.

The First Tee fundraiser
Partnering with Bob O’Conner Golf Course to raise funds to benefit The First Tee Pittsburgh.

Weekend Golf
Opportunity to have a relaxing day at the golf course. Build relationships with fellow club members while continuing to improve your game.

Winter SIM Golf
We all know the weather can get rough in Pittsburgh, but have no worries as the Bob O’Conner Golf Course offers SIM golf to keep your game sharp.

Upcoming Events

Mini 1

  • Annual Alumni/Recruiter Event
  • Etiquette Lunches
  • Range Day
  • Friday Morning 9-hole Golf
  • Weekend Golf

Mini 2

  • The First Tee fundraiser
  • Winter SIM Golf

Mini 3

  • Winter SIM Golf

Mini 4

  • Range Days
  • Friday Morning 9-hole Golf
  • Weekend Golf

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