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Account Information

General Account Inquiries

For all account issues, including tepper gmail accounts, contact the Tepper Help Desk.

The Tepper Help Desk is open from 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM Monday through Friday in room 12.
E-mail the Tepper help desk questions here.
Call the Tepper Help Desk at (412) 268-5881. Voicemail is available for off hour messages.

Andrew & Tepper Accounts 

As a student you have two accounts, your Andrew account and your Tepper account.

  • The Andrew account ends in and is a University account. Your email address is only active while you are a student.
  • The Tepper account ends in and is only for Tepper students. MSCF students are considered Tepper students. Your email address is an email address powered by Google.
See the email section for setting up your email address.

Andrew Accounts

Your Andrew account is accessed with the ID that's assigned to you by Computing services. Your Andrew account provides you with professionally backed up storage accessible from any networked computer system. it also provides access to andrew network laser printers. Moreover, you can access electronic mail and bulletin boards for local, national and international communications. Your initial password is the first eight digits of your social security number (If you are an international student use the first eight digits of your student ID number). You can change this password in a variety of ways with the easiest being to go to Be careful with your Andrew account password because if you forget it you must talk to the university to have it reset. The university, not the Tepper Computing Group, controls Andrew and all Andrew resources.

How to Login to Tepper Sites / Resources

As long as you have changed your Andrew password (the password you use for logging into Blackboard and other main campus systems) at least one time, you will be able to log into Tepper systems. Here are several examples of websites/services housed at Tepper:

  • Tepper computer labs
  • Tepper printers
  • Student Services Online (course registration, evaluations, photo rosters)
  • Student Intranet
  • Non-Tepper Student Course Request System

After you are sure you have changed your Andrew password at least once (if you have never changed this password, you can change it by going to, you may access Tepper systems in the following manner:

Two line dialog box:  The user name box should show ONLY your Andrew ID (between andrew and your userid make sure you use a backslash which is usually located above the enter key). EXAMPLE:  andrewjsmith

Three line dialog box:  The user name box should show ONLY your Andrew ID. The third box should show Andrew as the domain name.

If you have any questions or problems, stop by the Tepper Computing Group help desk in room 12, send email to the Tepper Computing Group ( or call 412-268-5881.


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