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MSCF uses Blackboard for course information and content distribution.

Course Captures

Students can access the MSCF Video Server using the link:

Default Recording Policy:
A core component of the MSCF curriculum is the non-downloadable internet availability of class lectures to our students. These recordings are made available throughout the duration of the course and, unless a faculty member advises us otherwise or a course is taught twice, will remain available for students to review for one academic year. For example, a course taught in Fall, Mini 1, 2011, the videos of that course remains available for all MSCF students to view until Fall, Mini 1, 2012.  If a course is taught twice during an academic year (once for full-time students, once for part-time students), the recordings of the first session are removed prior to the start of the second session.

While we make every effort to capture and upload these videos in a timely manner, we cannot guarantee each lecture will be captured. Also, please remember that the web capture is intended for review purposes and not as an alternative to attending class.

Hardware Issues

MSCF Students have access to a full time hardware technician, Tom Bielek. The hardware technician repairs computer equipment owned by Tepper & MSCF and is an authoized repair technician for certain computer brands. If your equipment malfunctions, please report to Drew (Pittsburgh students) or David (New York students). If needed, there are limited supplies of loaner laptops.


We distribute all of our software over the internal network. You must be connected to the CMU network in order to be able to download and install any site licensed software.

All licensed software can be found at This is the Campus Software Distribution web site.You'll find the software link at the top left of the page.

The CMU Computer store ( sells discounted versions of the following:
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Other various software packages, check the Computer stores website for more details.

Microsoft DreamSpark

MSCF Students have access to certain software at Microsoft DreamSpark. Students must register using their CMU issued email address.


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