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Interdisciplinary Resources

Marketing cannot be done in isolation - Marketing strategy has to be carefully synchronized with other strategic actions of the firm such as Information Technology strategy, Operations Management strategy and New Product Development. The Marketing PhD program at Tepper recognizes this key fact and prides itself on the range of interdisciplinary resources that it can offer its students. The whole university encourages interdisciplinary work, and the Marketing department leverages this fully. Almost all the Marketing faculty and students are involved with research projects with faculty and students from other areas. These primarily include departments such as Information Systems, Operations Management and Organizational Behavior within the Tepper school, and the Heinz School of Public Policy, the department of Social and Decision Sciences, the School of Computer Science, the Machine Learning Department, the School of Engineering, and the School of Design outside the Tepper School.

From the Marketing faculty, Prof. Kannan Srinivasan is a widely recognized scholar in Information Systems and Operations Management, besides Marketing. Prof. Baohong Sun works closely with faculty members in the Heinz School. Prof. Peter Boatwright conducts research in the area of new product development with faculty from the School of Design and the Mechanical Engineering Department. Prof. Alan Montgomery works in the area of Statistical Machine Learning and holds a joint appointment at the Machine Learning Department. Prof. Kinshuk Jerath works with faculty members in Information Systems, Operations Management, Operations Research and the Heinz School. Prof. Joachim Vosgerau and Prof. Jeff Galak work with faculty in the areas of Organizational Behavior and Social and Decision Sciences.

A number of interdisciplinary research centers at Tepper and CMU encourage this research:

This percolates down to the students as well, who actively work with these faculty members and pursue projects at the intersection of Marketing and these other fields of study, which helps them to carve out their own niche in the academic community. Most importantly, the access to faculty knowledge that Marketing students have increases tremendously through these collaborations. Some faculty members from across the university who actively work with Marketing doctoral students are:

  • Prof. Sunder Kekre
  • Prof. Tridas Mukhopadhyay
  • Prof. Dennis Epple
  • Prof. George Loewenstein
  • Prof. Joseph Kadane
  • Prof. Ramayya Krishnan
  • Prof. Michael Smith
  • Prof. Carey Morewedge
  • Prof. George-Levi Gayle
  • Prof. Mustafa Akan
  • Prof. Param Vir Singh

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