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Community and Diversity

Many students choose the Tepper School of Business for its close-knit student community.   We draw our strength from differences and work to build common ground.

Our diverse student body comes from

  • every imaginable background
  • a blend of cultures
  • various ambitions and life experiences

Diversity Advisory Council

The University also maintains a Diversity Advisory Council (DAC), a multi-constituent body whose aim is to heighten awareness and encourage debate on the issues that surround diversity. Likewise, this ombudsman group also implements activities that support mutual respect and community success.

Your Fit at Tepper

Your desire to reinvent yourself and accelerate your life will not happen in isolation. It requires the daily give and take of ideas and learning to see a business problem from a completely different point of view. It takes trust and share investment. It takes a place like the Tepper School, where your unique set of experiences and talent will be a valued contributor to a transformational experience.

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