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Goodfriend Endorses Andrew Carnegie

Prof. Goodfriend endorses another mega-rich guy's way of shared sacrifice - Andrew Carnegie's. Via Canada's Business News Network (BNN)

Howard Green: Do you share Warren Buffett's view in his Op Ed that more guys like him should be taxed more?

Marvin Goodfriend, Professor of Economics; Chairman, The Gailliot Center for Public Policy: "(Andrew Carnegie) gave all his money away so that when he died he had nothing, but he had funded some fantastic institutions in the United States, one of which is Carnegie Mellon University. He didn't say we should voluntarily give our money away to the government, he said that rich people to find a way to give their money to society so that society could build privately the various institutions that we need."

On BNN News Network August 16, 2011. Fixing the Global Economy - Part Two beginning at 8:45.

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